upgrade error - too large file

Doing windows cross upgrade from sugar to suite :
I found the php.ini file in /sugarcrm-6.5.23/php/
I amended the php.ini file as suggested to show max 60M

but I get the following error:
'ERROR: There was an error during your upload, please contact an administrator for help.

  • Size of Upload (22380610 bytes) Exceeded Allowed Maximum: 8388608 bytes

Did i amend the wrong file???

I think that you’re getting the wrong php.ini file, if you use WAMP there’s an option to edit the php.ini file in the application it self.

best regards

You can put a php file with " phpinfo()" … and get the php.ini.
Another solution is go to admin section -> Backups -> and just check the phpinfo and download it, and you can get the php.ini path.

put more 128M for sample
put more execution_time
put more post size.