Upgrade e-mail etc...

Hello and again want to thank everyone for all the hard work.

Did an upgrade to 7.9.1, worked with it for several hours then rolled back.

Unfortunately for my use not ready for prime time. First for some strange reason any 1 attachment added in the e-mail module is duplicated when sent? Second not being able to delete existing email is a problem. And last apparently we now have 3 different e-mail editors, yet no matter which I choose, they all appeared the same, with yet again no spell check. Know of no other like system missing this basic functionality (perhaps I am wrong). Very tired of composing my email first in a word processor, and then copying, pasting, and fixing formating.

Just checking to see if I did something incorrect, or for any advice and/or feedback.

PS. Curious has been mention of calculated fields being added to the studio builder, is there any update or timetable on this?

Thanks and have a great day!

Hi. Unfortunately it seems we need to wait for 7.9.2 to see Email working properly, there’s an all new Email module and it’s introduction hasn’t been easy… 7.8.5 is much more stable in this area.

Recently we had the introduction of calculated fields in Workflows (so, not in the regular detail views and list views). Still, it’s pretty cool. There is no time set for the rest. This was a feature offered by the community (or a partner company), and my guess is the only way we’ll get full Calculated fields is with a similar kind of offer…