Upgrade Compose Email Editor

I know people most likely use outlook or another email client and we have used outlook in that past as well and used plugins to sync emails, but they didn’t get used often and once I had everyone start using the built email client our email history tracking improved drastically which is extremely important for our business as we will have more than one person working with a client.

I know on the older versions of SugarCRM there have been posts on upgrading the Sugar email client to a TinyMC editor, Is there any plans to enhance the native email client in SuiteCRM?

I’m extremely happy with what I see thus far on SuiteCRM 7.1.1 comparing Sugar 6.5.6 which we currently use, i’m looking forward to dive into it further


Hi Veritas,

This is not currently on the roadmap, although we plan to enhance many features which are lacking in SugarCRM CE.

Thank you for your suggestion.