Upgrade 7.7 to 7.7.2

Just tried to install the new upgrade. I am an 7.7.1 on php 7 having lots of issues with warnings and dashlets. Tried to install 7.7.2 upgrade and now getting error. The uploaded file is not compatible with this version of SuiteCRM 7.7.1.

I have the same problem. I’ve tried to upgrade from 7.7.1 to 7.7.2 and nohting seems to happen.

Same here :frowning:

I have the exactly same issue.

Hi All,

I believe the package has been recently updated, so this should be resolved.

Would it be possible to re-download the package: https://suitecrm.com/download
and try upgrading again?

Please let us know if you come across any issues!

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It did fix the problem and the calendar is back up! Cheers!