Updating Labels in SuiteCRM 7.14.3

Hi All,

I’ve noticed something odd in an instance of SuiteCRM 7.14.3 regarding field labels
first of all, I can see all labels end up in 1 file within /custom/Extension/modules/*/Ext/Language instead of being separated out into multiple files.
I had a problem with copies of different labels ending up in many other label files which I think would have been addressed by this change.

however I can see in this file, there are custom field labels without the _C suffix,
these labels are the ones that are actually used within the UI as the labels change in the UI as I change these labels,
there are also labels with the _C suffix which is expected and these are the label names studio say are associated with the fields.

The labels with the _C suffix are updated when changed in studio but the labels without the _C suffix stay the same. This means that the labels in the UI aren’t updated when the labels are changed in studio.

Is this a known issue?

You’re probably just not understanding some part of the process.

Studio (and manual customizations) are done in one set of files; then the quick repair and Rebuild aggregates changes into less files, which are the ones actually used at runtime.

So, try a few tests with QR&R to see how it works. You should change stuff in the original files, so that they are upgrade safe (and survive QR&R in the first place)

Thank you pgr for your reply

Its very unlikely I misunderstood the process, and I have already looked into it.

My findings are are as follows:
This is the field as shown in studio
Screenshot from 2024-07-02 16-12-13

This is the vardef from the cache
Screenshot from 2024-07-02 16-15-46
Screenshot from 2024-07-02 16-13-37

This is the language file within the Extension framework
Screenshot from 2024-07-02 16-26-02

This is the field in the UI
Screenshot from 2024-07-02 16-28-18

Testing a change in studio
Screenshot from 2024-07-02 16-28-59

Confirmation I ran QRnR
Screenshot from 2024-07-02 16-29-33

The field in the UI
Screenshot from 2024-07-02 16-31-51

field label in language file
Screenshot from 2024-07-02 16-32-50

Me renaming the other field label without the _C suffix in language file

Confirmation I ran QRnR
Screenshot from 2024-07-02 16-34-25

The field now in the UI
Screenshot from 2024-07-02 16-34-54

The effect of the QR&R should be to get files from


and consolidating them into


you’ve already looked at the first file, try looking at the second one to see what is there.