Updating a field using workflow

We are trying to update a field using a workflow and cannot get it to work. Have the following questions:

#1 - When you are updating a field with a string do you need to put quotes around the text ? Example

#2 - Is there documentation on how to debug the workflows ?

Quotes are not required. You can simply put the value.
And for debugging you can enable CRM logs. Please set the logger level to Debug and then check SuiteCRM logs file.

have you enabled the “Process Workflow Tasks” cron job to enable the workflows processing?


I just setup the Cron scheduler on my box yesterday and I’ve just checked under scheduler and the Process Workflow Tasks is enabled. I will check to see if this fixes the issue and if not start logging.

Thanks will get back to you !

I’ve checked the logs and I’m getting an Fatal error stating that system cannot determine the the timezone and is assukming UTC. I have ensured the date.timezone is set in the php.ini file.

The rules are not firing for the module that we created. I have tried tests though on contacts and they are working correctly. Is there something about setting up a module that needs to be enabled so the rules will run ?