Updating a custom dropdown field in quotes using doble click in the display screen appear a meessage currency.php line 100

I created a custom field type dropdown in quotes to allow users include a new status value for records, when the field is updated using edit function everything works well; but if using display screen make a double clik in thje check symbol field and change the value appear a message:

Warning : A non-numeric value encountered in /var/www/vhosts/3dproductos.com.co/crm.lamarcgroup.com/modules/Currencies/Currency.php on line 100

even if you dont select any field of the list appear the mesage

Anybody has a feedback, this issue still appear when I try to update dropdowns from display screen.

If you’re value is a dropdown, it probably presents as a string.

If it is a string, it has to be convertible to a PHP float.

So that probably breaks if your language settings use commas instead of dots.


I would try adding this solution there:

It seems to work with all kinds of numbers and regional notations.