Update Inbound Email Logic to target User(s), Role or Security Group.

Greetings All,

There have been a few threads going on about the ability for multiple Inbound Email boxes to be directed to a separate team Role or Security Group. The current out of the box logic places ownership of the created case to Administrator. Further details can be found here:


User techecentric was good enough to provide a work around that involves manipulating the database found here:


While this works fine there is no guarantee that this is the recommended future proof path forward. Many users here will have no trouble applying the fix but it would be much better to provide this functionality within the frontend logic when creating the Inbound Email box.

So I would like to suggest that someone please code in the ability to select a target User, Roll or Security Group within either the Inbound Email box form, or the ability to build a custom Workflow to achieve the previously mentioned functionality leaving the Inbound Email module “as is”.


We are going to be working on enhancing the Emails module, and will consider adding this functionality.