Update Discourse translations

Hi @pgr

When you will have the opportunity, update the Discourse translation please.

Sure, but I don’t know how to do that. Do you know where I can learn about this?

Wouldn’t a simple Discourse update to the newest version be sufficient?

Right now we are like this:

Installed 2.3.8

Latest 2.3.9

Oh, I paid all attention to the localization and did not pay attention to the new version :wink: and, of course, a simple update will be enough.

Oops, the updated translation is used only in the master (2.4beta) branch. In the 2.3.x branch a 7-month-old translation is used… ((

Discourse Version 2.4 is expected in February

Planned release date

Feb 17th, 2020

(@samus-aran FYI)

Apart from those improved translations there are other goodies

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Are the updated translations now working, with 2.4?

Yes, it works great, thanks!

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