Update CRM Suite version 7.2.1

Good morning, I have installed a project with these features:

CRM Suite version 7.2.1
Sugar CRM version 6.5.20

There is code modified and adapted by other programmers … My question is if there is a possibility of updating to a later version that does not involve much cost in time? If yes, which version would you recommend?

Thanks in advance and greetings,


A very important factor is the quality of those customizations you mention: are they upgrade-safe? If so, it should be easy to upgrade. If not, then you will have to get the help of those developers again, or of other developers.

The two possible recommendations for the upgrade would be the latest 7.8.x or the latest 7.10.x. Go for the newest version if don’t have any reason not to. But if you are heavliy dependent on the SuiteR or Suite7 theme, or on the old email module, then stay with 7.8.x (but start a plan to upgrade to something newer in the near future).

Ok, I will follow your instructions.

Thank you very much.