Update config_override.php

Hi Everyone,

I am deploying suitecrm on google cloud, when i convert a lead , it is mandatory to create account and contact which i don’t want.
On this forum itself i found a code to update config_override.php file with code

$sugar_config[‘require_accounts’] = false;

I updated the file and tried to lo upload file using upgrade wizard which is throwing following error.

ZIP Error(0): Status(9): Arhive(upload://config_override.zip): Directory(/opt/bitnami/apps/suitecrm/htdocs/cache/upgrades/temp/5yqLmR)

Then i tried with Module loader which threw following error

ZIP Error(0): Status(9): Arhive(upload://config_override.zip): Directory(/opt/bitnami/apps/suitecrm/htdocs/cache/upgrades/temp/QaTYRK)

Please let me know how to solve this error.

Thanks In advance,

The config_override.php file is NOT a module neither an upgrade, so the errors you encounter are correct.
How did you upload all SuiteCRM folders & files on google cloud? Use this way again to upload this file too. :slight_smile:

Thanks. Got it.