Unrelated email in history subpanel

We are seeing un-associated emails in the history tab of numerous accounts. The emails that appear are the same across accounts and appear to be around 2130 emails. That number is growing as users send emails from the systems, and archive emails to the system. Not all accounts are affected and not all archived emails appear. The emails are associated to other accounts in the system.

So Account A will have emails in the history tab for account X, Y, and Z
Account B will have The same emails
Account C will only have activities associated with account C

I have not com up with any references to this problem in either this forum or Sugar forums.

Please point me in the right direction of a solution.

We are running Suite CRM 7.1.4 with Sugar 6.5.18 base. The database was upgraded from SugarCRM

Thank you,

,What are users using to archive emails to suitecrm?

It appears the majority of the entries are form three Sources. entries created with the archive emails dialogue form the menu in the history sub-panel, draft emails, and unread emails.

emails sent through the email built in email client don’t show up. neither do emails archived with the built in client.

If I Disable contacts’ emails in history for accounts in the settings, the emails don’t display in the history, which is what I would expect. I do not have this problem in the cases or opportunities modules where email history is enabled.