Unneeded Base Module Removal

Is there a way to remove stock/base modules provided within SuiteCRM. I know you can disable modules after installation. Is there a way to remove them completely (Noncritical ones at least) This is purely educational. I know its been asked but has always been answered the same way. Disable the modules. There’s always a way and I’m a curious fellow.

There are always relationships and references between modules, so it should be pretty hard to really remove everything. Suppose you delete the cases module, for example: you will get lots of broken subpanels, settings in Email, etc.

IT should be possible to “cripple” a module by, for example, removing its controller file (if it uses one - sometimes that file is split into one file per action). But this would leave in the same place as you were if you simply disabled the module.

So - possible, yes, but probably to difficult to be worth the trouble.

Deleting the module from modules Folder and custom/modules folder will remove it. But you have to check for the relationships and references to the Module so quite a work but its possible. I would recommend first to remove all the module subpanels (Where your TO BE REMOVED module is used in subpanel) from Studio, thus it will disable it from the views. Next Any relationships and relate fields which you can see from Studio, remove them. and at the End remove the Modules folder.

Make sure to do this on a TESTING Instance and NOT ON LIVE

What about removing them, pre-installation. Im just experimenting with lighter builds of SuiteCRM. This is in no way for a production instance…yet. B-)