Unknown column 'config.deleted' in 'where clause'

When trying to access the administration section I get the following message “Error occurred while fetching metadata” in the browser console the following error appears

ERROR Error: Uncaught (in promise): Error: Unknown column 'config.deleted' in 'where clause'

In the network tab of the browser, the following request is read among others

POST http://my-suitecrm-8/api/graphql

The following data appears in the request tab


The following message appears in the response tab:

   "mistakes": [
       "message": "Unknown column config.deleted in where clause",
       "extensions": { "category": "internal" },
       "locations": [{ "line": 2, "column": 3 }],
       "path": ["moduleMetadata"]
   "data": { "moduleMetadata": null }

I use PHP8.1
Suitecrm version 8.2.2

Comment that the behavior described does not occur in the local development environment. I have moved the application from my local to development and after changing the connection credentials with the database it works fine, but when trying to access the administration section the error described is triggered

Thanks in advance for assistance

I have managed to solve by changing the version of php. The version that works without problems is with version 7.4. The problem occurs when using php8.1