Uninstall custom module not possible

I bought a plugin to sync SuiteCRM with mailChimp, but when I installed it not working correctly. I want to unistall this plugin via Module loader after click on remove tables checkbox , it give me “Including: cache/upgrades/temp/5DumL8/scripts/pre_uninstall.php”

Now the problem when I click on view Leads/Accounts an contacts an erro is displayed: “There was an error processing your request, please try again at a later time.”

many thanks for your help

Where did you buy the module?

Only the people who wrote it, will know how it is coded. So they will be the best place to ask.

PS Did you not test the module first on a backup-copy of your system? It was taking quite risk to install into your production system.

  • Can you please tell me your suitecrm version?
  • Can you please check if your pre_uninstall.php file is proper or not. Maybe there are some syntax errors?