"unexpected error when calling action." error during login after session timeout or logout

I’m encountering an error when logging in after a session timeout and logout. Sometimes, we’re able to log in after refreshing the login page, but other times we’re unable to log in even after reloading. However, we’ve noticed that we can log in if we continuously press the login button 4-5 times. Is there any way to resolve this issue? Additionally, we’re experiencing a random error message, ‘unexpected error when calling action,’ which disappears upon page refresh. This error is apperaing for all users.

Suitecrm 8.5.0
PHP 8.3

Hello, i hope this works !

  • Check Session Configuration: Ensure that your session settings in PHP (php.ini) and SuiteCRM (config.php) are properly configured. Pay attention to parameters such as session timeout (session.gc_maxlifetime) and session handling mechanisms.

  • Server Logs: Check your web server logs and SuiteCRM logs (suitecrm.log or similar) for any error messages or warnings that might be related to the login issue.

PHP 8.3 is not supported.

We have the same problem. v8.5, PHP 8.1.

It does seem to be only when a session times out but we are running on a hosted shared platform and as far as I can tell, have no access to php.ini as a raw file, just the ability to select version and to check options and change a range of parameters, inc maxlifetime, using the php selector tool.

session.gc_maxlifetime is set as 1440 seconds as standard and we have not changed this, so 24 minutes. We do have some users who login and then once finished whatever they are doing, don’t log out, just leave the session open. We continually tell them but …

I have logged in myself as a test and also get the unexpected error message after about an hour or so of inactivity. This may be less but don’t have time to sit and watch :slight_smile: . I assume that this is the back-end telling the front end that it has effectively disconnected or similar. That may also explain why the repeated login eventually comes back to life.

We also sometimes get ‘Error occurred when retrieving records’ on first login on certain users but this we know is an IMAP handler error that we can’t track down. It records a FATAL in the CRM log but all of our inbound accounts are correctly set up and work as far as we can see and the bounce handler is correctly set up. We have had to admit defeat on this, as no-one seems to be able to find the issue. We know the code that is generating the error logs but just can’t work out what is wrong. It looks a little unprofessional and we would dearly like to resolve it.