Understanding Scheduled Cron jobs (windows) & Suitecrm scheduler

Hello, I am trying to set up scheduled tasks and getting inconsistent results.

Can anyone explain what the Windows scheduler has to do with Suitecrm Scheduled tasks?

what does scheduling “php.exe -f cron.php” do in suitecrm?

Should the Windows Scheduler be running before the Suitecrm scheduler?

Thanks in advance.


You basically have all the instructions you need, specific for you system, at the bottom of the screen of Admin / Schedulers.

The general idea is to get a batch file to run every minute invoking PHP on the file cron.php.

Then that code goes through all the jobs and runs whichever it finds appropriate according to their schedules, which you administer in Admin / Schedulers.

Thank you very much for the explanation. Much appreciated.

What if the CRM job is scheduled for 5pm but the cron.pho runs at 501pm? Does it run that CRM job?

Yes. It works well even if you configure cron.php to run only once every two minutes, or once every 5 minutes. But I advise once per minute, it’s not really a problem and makes some SuiteCRM features more responsive.