Hello, we have migrated a project to another server and I can not remove the popups and error messages that come out “undefined”. Both on the server, Windows, and in my local: establishing user www-data, in this case deleting the contents of the cache folder, changing the permissions (all 755) recommended according to folders (775) and files (644), and doing a quick repair of the project, but “undefined” is still coming out.


CRM Suite is: Version 7.2.1
Sugar Version 6.5.20 (Build 1001)

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I’ve already solved it based on the specific “rewrite” element for the project folder :slight_smile: :): https://suitecrm.com/forum/suitecrm-7-0-discussion/9901-undefined-error-on-pop-up-screen

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Hello again,

I have 2 sugar and in one of them the message “undefined” is still coming out, and they are in the same hosting and with the same permissions. :(. Can somebody help me?

Thanks in advance and greetings,