Undefined popup

Hi, I keep seeing this undefined pop-up every time I navigate through pages. Usually it gets fixed after I update permissions but this time it just won’t go away. I deleted a file called en_us.js in /cache/jsLanguage/ but that did not work. Is there any other thing I could do to solve this? see the image below showing this issue.

Thanks in Advance.


This is normally caused by permissions, if you check your config.php file there is a section in there which needs to be updated for permissions also

array (
‘dir_mode’ => 1517,
‘file_mode’ => 420,
‘user’ => ‘’,
‘group’ => ‘’,

If these are not set correctly then when files are created by the system your permissions will be wrong.

Why would the config.php file permissions setting be incorrect? Would that not be a major bug on the install?

I’m having the same problem with ‘undefined’ appearing in various places. I did what you suggested below (although it just doesn’t seem right to modify this when it the developer should has it set correctly to begin with) I also set permissions on that English Language Javascript file to 777. Restarted Sugar, and still get the undefined. This is very surprising that this happed from a clean install of 7.1.4, but then there’s a bug with the password verification in the install process too. Kind of sloppy work in my opinion, but hey, software is free I guess so shouldn’t complain.

Just FYI. I set permissions on cache directory (recursive) to 777 and that fixed it, but not a clean solution in my mind unless all directories files really need 777. I twas 755 before. This is a test CRM though, when we go production I’ll try to see if it is just one directory or file that needs the permissions or if I can use maybe 775 or something.

Hi jcrist,

There are over 900 forum posts on permissions. Permissions vary widely from one environment to the other, but if you have a linux based server we would advise the following:

sudo chown -R [owner][group] .

sudo chmod -R 755 .

sudo chmod -R 775 cache custom modules themes data upload config_override.php

Where the owner/group is the owner/group user for your web server.



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There’s a reason there are 900 posts, because the install and setup documentation and/or the config code isn’t reliable.

I believe your instructions below I already followed as they are in the install documentation but I ran them again and did a quick repair. It fixes the problem temporarily. But then it comes back or I just didn’t notice. The on-page ‘undefineds are gone’ but the Ajax transition message goes back to ‘undefined’ after a while as far as I can tell. But as I’ve seen other users post in both these forums and SugarCRM forums, the problem can reoccur and as you sift through the dozens of responses you quickly learn there is no clear identification of the specific cause (which files/directories, specific permission issue) nor reliable solution.

There is also inconsitency over the config.php settings which I believe the install documentation didn’t even reference. Very sloppy work.

I currently have:

‘default_permissions’ =>
array (
‘dir_mode’ => 1528,
‘file_mode’ => 432,
‘user’ => ‘[cpanel domain user]’,
‘group’ => ‘[cpanel domain group]’,

I’ve had similar issues w/permissions from the initial install and then subsequently using the REPAIR option. With my install, the REPAIR function is actually messing up (resetting) my permissions. After ever repair I get the UNDEFINED message on popups and other screens within the admin panel. To quickly resolve things I update my permissions via cPanel.

all files set to 664
all folders set to 775

  • cache
  • custom
  • data
  • modules
  • themes
  • upload

Before I push the website to production I’ll dig around the files and try to fix this.

UPDATE/FIXED: problem seems to have gone away using Will’s advice. I however never set the user or group b/c I wasn’t 100% sure which to use. Regardless, after multiple Repair > Quick Repair and Rebuild I haven’t seen any problems at all and I have not needed to manually set the permissions.

On a side note, I’ve gone through the threads and have made various tweaks to the config_override.php for better performance. Even after making those tweaks I’ve still notices some lag in the website at times. In all cases once the permissions were set correctly I noticed the website loaded much quicker.

Glad to have been of assistance.

When you have a large application such as SuiteCRM, it is a fairly major element that you set permissions as required. This can change variably dependent on several differentiations in environment.

We may reach a point where a script is built that assists with settings permissions, but it would never resolve issues absolutely!