Undefined Labels on Fields and Windows

Our suite CRM installation running on Cpanel hosting by Godaddy hosting service ( no root access to installation place ).

we are facing ’ undefined ’ labels on every filed heading / POP UPS / Reports ect…
any help / suggestion to resolving this highly appreciated

hosting platform information :

DB Side Details:

Server: Localhost via UNIX socket
Server type: MySQL
Server version: 5.6.43-cll-lve - MySQL Community Server (GPL)
Protocol version: 10

Web Server Side Details:

Database client version: libmysql - 5.1.73
PHP version: 7.2.7



This is a sure sign of broken Linux ownerships/permissions on files.

You need to set up your permissions according to the Docs:


I don’t know hot to do it in your specific hosting, but there are many discussions about this in these forums, you can search, and you can also ask your Hosting support for help.