Undefined Labels in Line Items area of Invoices

Usually my go to is permissions, but they look fine - i have also looked as the similar topics.

Permissions look fine - anything else i can look at ? - all other labels for all other modules are fine.

Thanks in afance

However on the detail view the labels are there?

Check file permissions for
if they are correct.
Do you see any language error in Console?

Permissions look good however the console shows a error 403 error when i load the page on the invlice showing the line items


I’m guessing this is the problem? - i have rebuild the language files but no difference.

This file foes not exist on my ftp.

can you change cache folder to -R 777 and then Run Quick Repair Rebuild?

Wow so that has worked, thank you very much, does this mean the cache should always be 777

Thank you again

Not really. 777 is never recommended for security.

If you get your file ownerships right, you don’t need to give write access to all users (that’s what 777 means)