Undefined index collection_temp_list


Just trying to bring an older Sugar 6.4 install up to date with SuiteCRM. I ran through the 6.4 to 6.5.16 Sugar patch and then used SuiteCRM 6.5 to 7.0 upgrade first and finally the SuiteCRM 7.0 to 7.4 patch.

The end result is complete but with a stack of warnings about an undefined index. I am assuming it is a SuiteCRM 7.4 issue and not a Sugar issue?

The list is longer but I have snipped it in the interest of brevity.

Notice: Undefined index: collection_temp_list in D:\inetpub\apps\SuiteCRM7.1.4\custom\modules\Accounts\Ext\Layoutdefs\layoutdefs.ext.php on line 94
Notice: Undefined index: collection_temp_list in D:\inetpub\apps\SuiteCRM7.1.4\custom\modules\Cases\Ext\Layoutdefs\layoutdefs.ext.php on line 37
Notice: Undefined index: collection_temp_list in D:\inetpub\apps\SuiteCRM7.1.4\custom\modules\Contacts\Ext\Layoutdefs\layoutdefs.ext.php on line 116
Notice: Undefined index: path in D:\inetpub\apps\SuiteCRM7.1.4\modules\UpgradeWizard\end.php on line 321

My instinct tells me that the index is just a 7.4 oversight, but the very last line seems a bit odd as well.

Ultimately it did complete and seems to run ok, so I dont think it is anything other than a warning.

Hi Tony,

These are notices and not errors, so these should not affect the CRM. Ensure you have the correct permissions set and run a Quick Repair & Rebuild after any upgrades.

If you see any FATAL errors, or if any functionality is not working as it should, then these need to be addressed.