Undefined - in various labels and ajax loading notifications


I’ve created a clone of our production environment using the SuiteCRM back up files options from admin, and phpMyAdmin for backing up the database. After restoring all of this to an identical local bitnami environment every looks perfect, apart from some of the labels and the small loading popup all read “Undefined”.

I’ve modified the config file as per the instructions at


and also used the bitnami config tool to adjust the base URL.

Has anyone any insight on this?

Thanks in advance



Are you sure you have set permission correct for the Cache folder?
Are you sure , you have updated .htaccess correctly? this could be the reason also.

Many thanks for suggestions

I’m using a Bitnami Windows Installer for the test instance so I can’t actually check or change permissions (as far as I’m aware).

As the site is running from root locally, and the folder structure is the same, I don’t think I need to make any changes to .htacccess

RewriteBase / suitecrm

Does this sound correct?



One thing I noticed is that the IDs (guid) in the database are difference, these must be being created by MySQL during the restore, could this be the issue?