undefined in invoice édit

I followed all the posts on the problems by “undefined” to solve my problems I have of to put all my files in 775 and my files in 644 but, there are values undefined in invoice. :angry:
I have a fresh reinstallation of the last version 7.8 because 7.9 was far too much to have bugs
my server is shared in planethosteur whit PHP 7.0
could you help me please every body

ok a repare chmod for testing and it’s ok but my chmod are 775 for my folder because if don’t 775 my crm don’t work correctly

Same issue for me, also in the latest release 7.9.6
Undefined labels occurred only in invoice module (755 permission on modules folder and files)

you can see my fix issu : https://suitecrm.com/suitecrm/forum/suitecrm-7-0-discussion/1137-undefined-text?start=15#60743