Undefined after setting correct Permissions and empty Cache Directory

Hi there,

i want to work with the Workflow Modulte but the Labels are all “undefined”.

We set the correct file permissions and have an empty Cache file. After Repair and Rebuild its the same error.

What we`ve done:

Set permission to 755 recursively on all folders and files.
Empty /cache folder present at root directory
Do Quick Repair and Rebuild.

Any Ideas what i need to do more ?
Thanks a lot

Could you try setting the permissions to:

755 for all folders and files
Then, 775 for the folders/files: cache, custom, modules, themes, data, upload, config_override.php

Afterwards, do a Quick Repair and Rebuild
You may also have to go into your browser’s History and clear the cache completely.
Then, press CTRL+F5, and see if the labels are fixed.

Fixed, thank you.