Unchecked the default theme (the only theme available) and Nothing Works

We are new to SuiteCRM. We’ve used the SugarCRM community version for years, but are switching to SuiteCRM.
I was getting accustomed to the admin area of SuiteCRM and clicked on Themes.
We have only the default theme. My boss was asking if we could do away with a theme and have only black and white like the old community SugarCRM.
So, I unchecked the checkmark by the default theme and clicked on Save.
Now I get the error “No valid themes are found on this instance.”
How do I get the default theme back?
Thanks for your help.

Check if it’s mentioned in a file on the root of your SuiteCRM installation called config_override.php

That file may or may not exist; and I am not sure this option gets saved there, but I’ve heard previously that themes can be disabled from there, so it’s worth a look.

Of course, that checkbox should not allow a user to leave a system without any valid theme, that’s a bug…

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That worked perfectly! You’re a life saver!
Now, to figure out how to report that bug.
Thank you Big Time!!

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