Unable to Search Emails within SugarCRM?

I’ve configured SuiteCRM to retrieve email from an account, and it mostly seems to do that correctly. It’s a bit slow, and seems to “hang” sometimes, forcing me to exit the browser and then restart retrieving emails for the many dozens of IMAP folders I use. At first, it didn’t download the INBOX but after I deleted the email account and re-created it, that’s working.

The general search function seems to find text in a PDF ATTACHMENT that has been imported into a note along with an email … but not in the imported emails themselves, even though I can match to text in other Notes.

I cannot find any way to search through emails, whether or not they have been “imported.”

There simply does not appear to be any mechanism to search emails.

Within the browser window, Ctrl-F [find] does allow me to search for instances of a keyword that are visible on the current screen, but that’s limited to only the email subjects, senders and recipients for only the currently-displayed messages, in a single folder.

Any feedback is welcome. Thanks in advance for any suggestions.

I’m also getting the error message “Error: Query limit of 1000 reached for Home module.”

Reading through past reports, the main suggestion seems to be to repair/rebuild, which didn’t help.

I’m not sure, but it seems like it’s not actually a “query limit” but a “result limit.”

Hi Mark,

In regards to your “Query Limit of 1000” error, You can increase the amount of Queries Allows by editing your config_override.php file. If you add the line

$sugar_config['resource_management']['default_limit'] = 2500;

If this does not help then the solution on this page may: https://suitecrm.com/forum/developer-help/4725-in-calender-module-i-got-error-error-query-limit-of-1000-reached-for-calendar-module

Although, It may be worth making a backup of your config_override.php file beforehand, just in case.

Thanks, John

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Thank you, that seems to eliminate that error message. (I’m still hoping for a response from someone who can confirm or correct my conclusion that there is no way to Search Emails within SuiteCRM.)

FYI, when I conduct a search in the default mode (Advanced OpenDiscovery Search), it brings up 318 fuzzy/soft “matches,” all Contacts which are not actually matches (they match parts of the search term, and are sorted by % match, which is fine in some situations); but the actual match (a single Opportunity) isn’t in that list.

When I switch to “Use standard SugarCRM search” the correct result is shown, but below-the-fold after a bunch of empty results:

Accounts (0)

-- No Results --

Calls (0)

-- No Results --

Contacts (0)

-- No Results --

Documents (0)

-- No Results --

Leads (0)

-- No Results --

Meetings (0)

-- No Results --

Notes (0)

-- No Results --

Opportunities (1)

... actual result appears here ...

Hey Mark,

The only way I have found to search for emails is from the email screen itself. There’s a magnifying glass next to the folder icon in the left-hand tree view pane. This gives you a way to hunt down emails based on a variety of parameters of your choosing.

Hope this helps - sorry that I’ve only just stumbled across this post looking for something else.