Unable to save outgoing email credentials. Possible work around?

Currently running on 7.10 and have been unable to save my outbound email credentials.

To expand on this, I am able to send the test email, however when I click ‘save’ the account is no longer able to authenticate. Attempting to send a test email returns “Error:SMTP Error: Could not authenticate.” unless I re-enter the password, which really gets me no where.

Is anyone familiar with a work around? I tried a “patch” proposed by a member on these forums to no avail.

Any input would be greatly appreciated, cheers.

Please see this issue I opened recently


Tell me which screen exactly are you using?

Can you get it to send useing the other screen?

When the sending fails, do you see a line saying “Show full SMTP log”? What does that give you?

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Thanks pgr.

I was using Admin < Outbound Email and editing the account there. I believe my issue was localized to that instance, as I had built an identical 7.10 that did not experience the problem. I’m running 7.10.1 now without problem.

On my active 7.10 build, after creating a system outbound email (which is saving the password), I did need to go to Profile < Settings < Mail Accounts and add the outgoing server again. That was the bottom ADD for Outgoing SMTP Mail Servers. Everything is functional now, on both a 7.10 and 7.10.1 install.

Apologies for not being able to deliver anything substantial to help recreate my original issue.

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It looks like SOMETHING breaks the password saving functionality on both 7.10 and 7.10.1. I have been successfully sending campaigns through an outbound email account that worked fine, yesterday. Unfortunately, I tried to add a second outbound email account today and I’m experiencing the original problem. The original outbound is still working, however any new account I attempt to add refuses to save the password resulting in the same unable to authenticate error as above.

After installing 7.10.1, I updated phpmailer, generated several user accounts and successfully created an outbound system email. Following that, I only imported targets, setup and successfully tested a campaign - and then attempted to create the second outbound account.

I can supply any logs or additional information if it may help, but there definitely seems to be something wrong here.

Upgrading PHPMailer to a branch over 5.x is not a good idea, the 6.x branch is not compatible with SuiteCRM.

There are a few bugs, solved in the upcoming version, that might be related to this. You can check recently merged PR’s on GitHub to see.