Unable to run campaign from user account

Hi there,

I have Campaign module up and running from Admin Account.

I want same facility from User Account. I want created users even to have access to run campaign.

When I try to launch campaign, I cannot find any option in Outgoing Email Account & It keep asking me From Name & From Address.

Appreciate your help in advance.

Hi. It would help if you said what is your version of SuiteCRM.

Also, when you say “& It keep asking me From Name & From Address”, where exactly is that? Maybe a screenshot could also help.



Version 7.9.8
Sugar Version 6.5.25(Build 344)

I am not getting any option in Dropdown menu of Outgoing Email Account. If I login as Administrator or If I make user with System Administration Rights, Everything works fine. But not as Regular User.

Did you set up Accounts in “Admin / Outbound email accounts”?

Note that there is an option there to “allow all users to use this account”

Yes I have set Outbound Email Accounts in Admin and campaign from there were running successfully. I have even check the option “allow all users to use this account” but from Users account nothing was happening.

To my surprise, Today in morning when I logged in User Account, all errors were gone and it was working perfectly fine. I very well remember that I haven’t done anything but it started working.

I had word with our companies technical guy, there was error in SQL Timezone so after this thing got resolved I took his help and resolved timezone error.

Now I am able to send email campaigns from both Admin & User account.

I really want to know what was the real issue, which triggered yesterday’s event.

Hi there,

I am having the same error again. Outgoing Email Account is not showing any Dropdown List when I try to run campaign from User Account.

I have configured system outgoing email successfully & User account has imap & smtp set and working properly.

I have even upgraded to latest version of Suitecrm 7.10.2