Unable to remove Lead from Target List

We are using SuiteCRM 7.10.11. We have created a ‘role’ which enables users to capture and edit Leads, but not delete them.

When we create a Target - List and add Leads to this list, the user is able to ‘Edit’ the Lead by selecting the Lead from within the Target List, but the user is unable to ‘Remove’ the Lead.

If the ‘Delete’ permission for ‘Leads’ is set to ‘All’ or ‘Not Set’, the user is able to remove a Lead from the Target List, but they are then also able to ‘Delete’ a Lead, which is not what we want,

Is there a way to enable a user to remove a Lead from a Target List without having the permission to delete a Lead?

Any assistance or suggestions would be appreciated

I see, these are two different things:

  • removing a Lead from another record, means simply to break the relationship between these two modules;

  • deleting the Lead actually deletes a record

I am not sure how this is supposed to work with Security Groups… maybe you have a found a bug (or at least an inconvenience) in the system.

Could you please try asking the developer here?


Then please come back here and tell us what you found. Thanks