Unable to login as admin user after installation of 8.3.0 behind reverse proxy

I normally host all my softwrae behind an apache https terminating reverse proxy. This works fine for SuiteCRM 7.x but so far I failed to set this up for SuiteCRM 8.3.0.

At first I thought I had the same issues as the person in this topic (Unable to login as admin user after CLI installation of 8.3.0), but that is not the issues.

I was able to setup SuiteCRM 8.3.0 succesfully without using a reverse proxy on an Ubuntu 20.04 LTS server without any issues.

But, when I try to get the reverse proxy in place the symptoms are very similar as to what is mentioned in the topic above.

I did not find any particular instructions for using a reverse proxy for SuiteCRM, so I looked at the instructions for the Symfony framework and added the following to config/packages/framework.yaml:

trusted_headers: [‘x-forwarded-for’, ‘x-forwarded-host’, ‘x-forwarded-proto’, ‘x-forwarded-port’, ‘x-forwarded-prefix’]

But that results in a white screen and 404 errors on the js files being loaded from https://crm…/dist)

Any pointers on how to install SuiteCRM behind a reverse proxy?

As it turns out, you don’t have to change the framework.yaml file at all.

What ultimately went wrong (for me on Ubuntu 20.04LTS) is that the rewrite cond to check if a file exists is not correct.

I had to change it from:

RewriteCond {REQUEST_FILENAME} !-f



Trying to get 8.3.1 running, fresh install, on (i.e. a sub-folder).

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@joho Please try this, and post back your results: