unable to get Google maps to work on a new install. Any body here for hire who can help?

My map displays but no markets show up.

Have you geocoded the addresses yet?
I found that if you didn’t do that, nothing showed up especially if you were using a quick radius map. I was using just the Leads module, so perhaps accounts or contacts work without doing it…but I doubt it.

Now, if you imported the same number of leads I did (52K), then getting them geocoded via cron still is buggy from what I can tell. But that’s a whole 'nother story.

Thanks for the reply fataugie, i geocoded the addresses using a third part service (i can’t figure out the cron thing) but i don’t see the data fields (lat, lng) to map the new geocodes to. When i load the jjwdesign moduale that i downloaded from his site i see the fields but i get errors all over the place and still no map markets.

my addresses and geocodes show up in “: MAPS - ADDRESS CACHE” but only the staring point shows on the map. no other markers are shown. please he lp, ive tried everything.

I can’t be the only person use suitecrm that can’t get the map to work? Is there anybody out there who can help. I’ll pay!

I am available to help you.
Thank you.

thanks ashish, how much will it cost me?

Please PM me at skype…