unable to get custom module data via account relationship via API

I am trying to get data from a custom module via the API. To make it a little easier to understand I created a new custom module. The package is called test1 and the module is called filemod4. The module itself is a generic file module with no extra fields or relationships. After the module was deployed I created a relationship in the Accounts module one to many with filemod4 and the same in the Contacts module. I now see a subpanel for filemod4 in Accounts and Contacts and can create a record in either module. The new record accurately shows the two related fields for Contacts and Accounts.

I can see in the mysql database new tables have been added for accounts_test1_filemod4_1_c and contacts_test1_filemod4_1_c and a get_available_modules query shows me “module_key”:“test1_filemod4”,“module_label”:“filemod4”

I have an application that interfaces via the API. Via the application I can get all meetings for an accounts using a get_entry_list with a query “account_id=*****”. I can also get all contacts for an account using get_relationships where link_field_name = “contacts”. I mention that because I am able to get related data for all built-in modules so the problem isn’t with my application.

But I can not get to the filemod4 data no matter what I try. I have tried querying test1_filemod4 where account_id=**** but get nothing. I have tried get_relationships for Accounts where link_field_name = using test1_filemod4. I am thinking that link_field_name is the problem so I have also tried it with just filemod4 as well as filemod4_1 and filemod4_1_c and several other variations but nothing returns any data.

Any ideas? Much appreciated.