Unable to get access token

I have installl suitecrm API version 8

I m trying get access token , but unable to locate Access token URL , Docuents says Suitecrm url/Api/access_token but unbale to locate it in my crm . No such folder exists , how will i find Access tken URL please help

I am not sure if it is the same thing, but have a look here

That URL isn’t an actual folder but it is definitely where you get the access token for V8 API. Not sure if your talking about SuiteCRM 8, or just API V8, but I’ve successfully got the token in SuiteCRM 7 V8 API at: …/Api/access_token

I use it to push leads in from Gravity Froms in WordPress with Gravity Forms Webhooks.

I have SuiteCRM running on PHP 7.3 and the …/API/access_token URL returns 400 Bad request.
I would like to get access token using username and password.

How the json payload should look like? The below payload does not work

    "grant_type": "password",
    "client_id": "[client id from oAuth2 Clients and Tokens]",
    "username": "[username]",
    "password": "[password]"

Are you on SuiteCRM 7 or SuiteCRM 8. I believe SuiteCRM 8 has a different path to the API.

Just want to be clear because API version 8 and API 4.1 is not the same as SuiteCRM version 7 and version 8.

I’ve never used SuiteCRM 8 API, but “I think” it might be at: …legacy/API/access_token

Suit crm Version 8.2.3, this is for API V8
I need to know what would be Access Token URL to create module using POST method

I’ve never used SuiteCRM 8 API, but “I think” it might be at: …legacy/API/access_token