Unable to edit Dropdown Lists


I’m in the process of adding a few additional items to our Document Category list.

When I try to add a new item, under Studio>Document>Fields and under the General DropDown editor. I’m able to enter the labels but when I try to ADD or SAVE, nothing happens.

Is there a possible limit?

There shouldn’t be.

I find sometimes I need to double click the ‘Add’ button when I’m in studio. You can also add labels/values to the dropdowns other than Studio via Admin Panel > Dropdown Editor. Does that help?

Obviously we would want to resolve the main issue, but is there any browser console error log? Do you know how to get that?

Thanks for the quick reply, samus-aran!

I’ve triple and quad clicked ADD with no success. The page doesn’t respond.

I’ve also tried adding through the Documents editor and the DropDown Editor.

Since the page doesn’t respond, I don’t feel like there’ll be much info in the log. But where would be the best place to check?

This is on Version 7.10.7 also, just to make note.

Is this ‘only’ happening on Documents? Does any other dropdown field update correctly?

You can have a look inside a few logs.
suitecrm.log (I would recommend setting this to info)
php error log (this would be abit more technical and it usually situated on your web server).
browser error log. Depending on your browser you can open up your browser’s console log incase there is any javascript errors. Type into google "how to view console log " with being whatever you use to help you find the right steps.

Doing a tail on the suitecrm.log I do see this come by

Mon Sep 17 17:13:40 2018 [29588][1][WARN] view.modulefield: hidelevel 3 Array
    [name] => category_id
    [vname] => LBL_SF_CATEGORY
    [type] => enum
    [len] => 100
    [options] => document_category_dom
    [reportable] => 1
    [required] =>
    [source] => custom_fields
    [massupdate] => 0
    [default] =>
    [no_default] =>
    [comments] =>
    [help] =>
    [importable] => true
    [duplicate_merge] => disabled
    [duplicate_merge_dom_value] => 0
    [audited] =>
    [inline_edit] => 1
    [unified_search] =>
    [merge_filter] => disabled
    [size] => 20
    [studio] => visible
    [dependency] =>

Mon Sep 17 17:13:40 2018 [29588][1][WARN] Saving error level. Try to remove the error_reporting() function from your code.

I’m not too sure what to make of this…