Unable to create relationships between all modules

I have recently moved over to SuiteCRM, I have been using SugarCRM CE for about 3 years, however, although I have all the Data inside the appropriate tables, the relationships do not seem to work. Using Studio and trying to create any type of relationship a message “Database error see SugarCrm.log for details is displayed”. I have checked the log file and there are various missing relationships between different modules.

I removed all the entries in the relationship table using MS Management Studio and ran the Repair utility in SuiteCRM to recreate the entries. These were created in the dbo.relationship table in the database but still when I enter Studio in SuiteCRM under relationships all the modules are showing No relationship.

Anyone has any ideas please?

I would advise doing a fresh upgrade from CE to SuiteCRM again and then investigating the logs for errors. I don’t understand why you have removed relationship table entries etc. as this will just cause issues.

Hi Will

I removed the relationships from the relationships table just in case there were issues with the modules I uploaded from SugarCRM which did not work when I upgraded to SuiteCRM.

I will try a fresh install and go from there.

Thanks for your assistance.