Unable to Create PDF After Upgrading to 7.4

I would like to make it as new topic even though it’s been in previous topic, but I got this huge problem for being unable to print to pdf as well as email in all module like Quotes, Invoice

When i click the link it will return just blank page in this url /index.php?entryPoint=generatePdf

Can anybody help me on this?I am desperately looking for article about this, but none of previous solutions seem to work

I have tried fresh installation of SuiteCRM 7.4 and also experience the same, I guess this is a major bug for version 7.4, I hope SuiteCRM can resolve this issue, because it’s really important

Since nobody answered then I found the answer to solve the problem

  1. First I go to …/modules/AOS_PDF_Templates/templateparser.php then comment out this code in line 45-47 :

else if($field_def['type'] == 'int') {
               $repl_arr[$key."_".$field_def['name']] = strval($focus->$$
                else {

I hope this helps anyone experience the same thing
2, Then I add this code :


Thanks it works just fine :slight_smile: