Unable to create package in module builder

I am unable to create a new package from module builder. In module builder, when I enter a package name and key and hit save, it does nothing.
When I inspect in chrome, the console logs the following error:

Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property ‘value’ of undefined
at validate_form (sugar_grp1.js:228)
at check_form (sugar_grp1.js:160)
at Object.handleSave (ModuleBuilder.js:905)
at HTMLInputElement.onclick (/XXXXXX/index.php?module=ModuleBuilder&action=index&type=mb#ajaxUILoc=&mbContent=module%3DModuleBuilder%26action%3Dpackage%26new%3D1:1)

Any suggestions on what I can look at or do to debug?

-I’m using SuiteCRM 7.7.8
-Php 7
-I thought this might be a permissions issue, so i made sure all folders and files are 755 and tried to create the package again but got the same error.

  • I do not have any custom modules. this was the first one im trying to build.
  • I get similar errors if i try to export a module in studio also.
  • When I dig deeper, the exact line that fails in sugar_grp1.js is var current_module=document.getElementsByName(“view_module”)[0].value;
    There is no element with name “view_module” on the page.

Has anybody else noticed this problem?

I made a change which allowed me to get through and use the module builder but I’m not fully aware about what the ramifications of the changes are so please use at your own discretion


var current_module=document.getElementsByName(“view_module”)[0].value;

var current_module=“Contacts”;

Basically the error was that the code could not find a value for current_module so I gave it one.

I am also facing same issue. Have you found any solution to it ?

Please provide any solution or do we need to upgrade it?


Same issue here! Does anyone know why?

Could anyone fixed? Same to me.

TypeError: document.getElementsByName(…)[0] is undefined[Saber más] sugar_grp1.js:228:42
validate_form http://xx/cache/include/javascript/sugar_grp1.js:228:42
check_form http://xx/cache/include/javascript/sugar_grp1.js:160:21
ModuleBuilder.handleSave http://xx/modules/ModuleBuilder/javascript/ModuleBuilder.js:905:8
onclick http://xx/index.php:1:51

an easy solution:

1.-Open /cache/include/javascript/sugar_grp1.js
2.-Go to line 228 or find the next text:

var current_fields='';var current_module=document.getElementsByName("view_module")[0].value;$.ajax({type:"GET",url:"index.php?to_pdf=1&module=ModuleBuilder&action=getModuleFields&current_module="+current_module,async:false,success:function(result){current_fields=JSON.parse(result);},error:function(xhr,status,error){var err=eval("("+xhr.responseText+")");}});for(k=0;k<current_fields.length;k++){if(isError!=true){val=current_fields[k].toUpperCase();if((operator=="=="&&val==item1)||(operator=="!="&&val!=item1)){isError=true;add_error_style(formname,validate[formname][i][nameIndex],'Invalid Value: Field Name already exists');}}}

3.-Remove this line.
5.-Clear your Browser Cache and try again.

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