Unable to create new users or employees after updating to 7.10.3

Logged in as administrator. Two separate instances. Same problem on both. Create employee or create user no longer exists, thus, no ability to create a new employee/user for the system. Anyone know the direct index.php? call to create employees?

SuiteCRM 7.10.3
Ubuntu 16.0.4
Ran repair, multiple times.


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I’m having the same problem, I have not found the error yet.

PS: With regard to index, it is this: index.php?module=Users&action=EditView&return_module=Users&return_action=DetailView

It seems to be a bug, although in the demo of suitecrm not giving admin access, the employees module is also not opening the link for creation.

Does it work when you use the direct link?

I mean, is the bug just the missing menu item?

Same here

The direct link I had did not work. Do you have another I should try?

Link above work for me, its http:**/index


does not display users. Sends to dashboard. Both installations.

same here

Here, only the way is missing.
In my suite the link works if manually.

Ex: mydomain.com/suitecrm/index.php?module=Users&action=EditView&return_module=Users&return_action=DetailView, normally. Opens the user creation screen.

This works for me. Jumped straight into the create user screen! Thank you!


I enter a user administrator, I select the administrator user and I click on a duplicate user, I edit it and I can create more uses.

Thank you

Hi guys,

This issue should be fixed with this PR: https://github.com/salesagility/SuiteCRM/pull/5660. Let me know if you have any further problems.


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Hi Dillon,
Thanks for replying, I’ll test the solution and I’ll respond here.
I do not know if the problem repeats itself for other users, but I see this problem related here also occurring in 7.10.3.

Test and now it’s ok, it works.

I have the same problem. On left sidebar here is no navigation for user management.
Upgraded from 7.10.1 directly up to 7.10.3.
I can’t find an answer is it ok upgrade from 7.10.1 to 7.10.3 without 7.10.2 ? It looks possible because no 7.10.2 pack today on download page.

Solutions before fixes: B-)

  1. it works with direct link to create useer http:///index.php?module=Users&action=EditView&return_module=Users&return_action=DetailView
  2. Edit any user > cancel edit dialog > duplicate user and edit as new one.
  3. If you have some administrators it is other way by Dillon-Brown - https://github.com/salesagility/SuiteCRM/pull/5660
    But I will wait fixes in next releases with 1st and 2nd way.

Also. :S
I can’t see and Password Management improvements. Still cant manage manually defined passwords lifetime without refresh password by user.
Options are only for generated passwords as before.
It happens every week in 7.10.1 and I cant change it to 24 monthes for example.

Do anyone know how solve it? Maybe directly in DB ?

Hi. Skipping some versions when upgrading is perfectly fine, no problem.

What you’re facing is a known bug in 7.10.3, you will find other posts here in the forums (including some workarounds).

Maybe your best option is to wait for 7.10.4 which fixes this, and is coming out maybe tomorrow if testing goes well.

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Maintenance Patch update 7.10.4 resolves this for me.