Unable to create Case by email

I have a SuiteCRM 7.5.1 installed on a Centos 6.x linux machine (I can access it via SSH)
I’m trying to activate the automatic case creation via email, but it doesn’t seem to work properly. :frowning:

I’ve created a group with the info to connect to my mail server (the test result is OK)
I’ve checked the “Create Case from Email” box with Least-Busy distribution method + ALL users

Into the scheduler all the tasks related to checking mail are active
I feel confident that the crontab is working as far as the workflow is working

What else should I check to fix the problem?

Thanks in advance,

Is the Check inbound mailboxes scheduler running in Admin -> Schedulers?

Yes, but the job was: “function::pollMonitoredInboxesAOP”
changing to “function::pollMonitoredInboxes”

it works.

Many thanks,