Unable to change Indian Rupee symbol

I tried to changed the Indian Rupee symbol from Rs to by editing he Indian Rupee entry in config.php. But the the symbol doens’t change from Rs. Do I need to make the change somewhere else ? FYI, I’ve also tried to use HTML Entity and HTML Entity Hex codes for the symbol, in all cases, no change.

Have you tried from Admin->Currencies using the ISO code INR?

I tested it successfully

Yes, But that is not the problem. The problem is that the symbol comes out to be Rs while I want it to be ₹ ( http://www.fileformat.info/info/unicode/char/20b9/index.htm )

If you go in Admin->Currency you can either edit or create a new valid currency. When you are in edit mode you can enter your symbol.

Look here:


During edit:

After edit:

Yes. I’ve tried that too. But it doesn’t get rendered well while generating pdf. I get an empty box in its place. So I was trying to edit the config.php file with HTML entity, thinking that that way the pdf will be generated using html entity, but any change to config.php doesn’t get refleted. If I make the change to default currency in config.php with Rupee HTML entity code then it does show, but doesn’t render in pdf. But if I change the array for currencies in the same file, the change is not reflected. Are you getting what I’m trying to do here ?

You didn’t mention pdf.

  1. At least does it work on the browser?
  2. With respect to pdf I recommend that you open a new forum thread specifying clearly the problem in the title

my bad !

Well, it does work on browser. On PDF, I was thinking that it might pick up the HTML entity as it is generating all other currency signs. In any case, I’ll start a new thread. Thankyou for the assistance. :smiley: