Unable to Archive

Hi All,

I am using Outlook plugin to Archive emails from Outlook 2013 to my custom SuiteCRM modules.

The Plugin installed correctly, however, it does not detect any email addresses. I have researched extensively for a resolution to this issue, but unfortunately, the ones that match my issue have been abandoned half way through with no conclusive solution.

Please advice.

Best regards

Same issue here. Vanilla installation of suiteCRM, outlook 2010. Only have 1 contact in the database to test and the plugin isn’t finding it…searching by name and email and partname with wildcards.
Any ideas?

Did you ever get it sorted out? I tried installing Thunderbird and the opacus connector and that didn’t work either so I think the issue is in suiteCRM and not the plugin.

Bumping this. This issue has also happened with us. Has anybody found a solution? The login test works fine but no contacts can be found.