Unable to add fields in layout of module


I created some custom fields for my opportunities module but am not able to get them added to the layout.

It keeps replacing other fields instead of adding it, like if there was a limit to the amount of fields that could be on a layout.

What am I doing wrong?!

Thanks team

Sounds like file permissions …


Where would I find this? I am the only administrator for the CRM and haven’t edited any permissions yet.


To set permissions you will need file level access to the server the CRM is installed/hosted on.

If you search the forums, you will find many posts on setting permissions.

What layout were you making changes to? If it was List View, you need to ensure the field widths total 100% and no more, otherwise your changes will not be saved.



I have a similar problem. I have added some fields (custom and standard) but there seems to be a limit at which point I can no longer add fields…

I solved my problem. User issue (i.e. I did not get what I was doing or not). All I need to do was to add a row to the form. Solved.