Un poco de guia tal ves.....? / A little guide maybe ...?

soy relativamente nuevo en suiteCRM y estoy trabajando con el creador de módulos, hasta el momento ya he creado varios sin problemas sus relaciones y demás pero tengo unas dudas a ver si alguien me puede ayudar::

como puedo insertar un título o FIELDSET para organizar mejor los campos en las vistas, [ salen a dos columnas pero quisiera poder dividirlos sin usar más paneles o subpanels, tengo alrededor de 40 campos para grabar divididos en pestañas, pero visualmente se ven muy mal.

I am relatively new in suiteCRM and I am working with the module creator, so far I have created several without problems their relationships and others but I have some doubts to see if someone can help me:

how can I insert a title or FIELDSET to better organize the fields in the views, [they go to two columns but I would like to be able to divide them without using more panels or subpanels, I have about 40 fields to record divided into tabs, but visually they look very bad.

You can’t do better than what you’ve done using only module builder and studio.

You need to go into PHP customizations to do what you want. You can override the Detail View or the Edit view and change the HTML. Are you a developer?

Have you seen the developer Guide in the Documentation site?

Yes i am PHP developer i begin white module builder to see whats i have to to

In the Custom folder i edit the View but i can’t find what code in php i have to write to produce a h2 title in html

yes i read the developer Guide and i cant find where i cant edit, add a custom html code or php code to put a h3 / h2 title or something similar.

Here’s a practical example of customizing the Detail view, this should get you started:


I am not sure how far you can go, from within that framework, to make the changes you need.

Note that my function there is still calling the parent class’ “display” function. If you drop that, and use more code copied from the parent function, you can probably do everything.