Udating multiple records

I was wondering if it was possible to update a certain field, such as the account type field, to several records at once. We are merging databases and would need to update certain fields to several records, and would like to do so once as opposed to manually updating each record individually.

If you go to list view and check all the records you want to update in the dropdown at the top it should give you a option to mass update


I figured it was a simple solution. I was just unsure where to look. Thanks for the help.

Actually after looking at the options in the studio view certain fields do not have the option to have a mass update. It looks as though only multi select, drop-downs, and date fields can have the mass update option selected. We have created fields that are text fields and check-boxes that we would like to mass update as well. Is there an option to do the mass update to these fields for several records at once as well?

Only fields with the types of relate, parent, enum ,contact_id, assigned_user_name, account_id, account_name and date can be added to the mass update panel .

Of these you can only create types date and enum with the studio editor , i think .

bools (check boxes) are not allowed .

And you need to add following to vardefs of fields to be mass update if that fields is from above list

'massupdate' => true,  

Hope this helps :slight_smile:

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It helps to know that what I’m looking for can’t be done, but doesn’t help that I can’t do what I need to. Ha Thanks for the information though.