Ubuntu 18.04 installation error

I get this error when running the install script.


 Checking database Connections...
./kitchen.sh: line 9: ./kitchen.sh: No such file or directory

 We could not establish a connection to the SuiteCRM database!
 Please check the JDBC connection properties and run setup again.
 We will configure your email properties and send you a test email
 If you do not get this email then please check the log in ......
./pan.sh: line 8: ./pan.sh: No such file or directory
  • My MYSQL database is on a remote server an accessible (Tested)
  • I’m new to Pentaho so I barely understand the kitchen script and its use.

Is there something basic that I’m missing?

Looked into this and it might be related to a bug when the application is unzipped. Will investigate and try to sort the issue. If anyone else has this issue I’d love to hear from you