Two Workflows and Scheduler

I have two different workflows, I hope that one is executed once a day, and the other is executed once a minute, but in Scheduler in system management, only one execution time can be set. Is it possible to divide the execution time into two different workflows?
Ask for help. Thank you.

Not really.

You should leave Workflows job running every minute.

  • you can either make a separate Custom scheduler for the once-a-day job, but it won’t be a workflow, it will be something you code in PHP.

  • or you can make your once-a-day workflow run every minute BUT it has a condition that only becomes true once a day, so it only does things once.

Thank you very much, I hope to achieve it without writing code. I want to use your second suggestion. Can you explain it to me in more detail, thank you very much.

Create a custom field “date last executed”

Your “daily” workflow will have a condition

  • current date is after “date last executed” value


  • set “date last executed” to today
  • other things you want to do

Workflow is “on scheduler”, “all records”, “repeated runs” checked

Note that this will hurt your system’s performance by checking every record in that module, every minute. Use only if you have a very small number of records.