Two questions about the finished install

I have done a fresh install of SuiteCRM 7.0.2 onto Ubuntu, Mysql and PHP.

  1. I notice that when I open the module loader none of the modules like securitysuite, googlemaps etc are showing yet they appear to be functioning. How come they don’t show?

  2. Previously I was using SugarCRM 6.5 and had purchase the Securitysuite basic about 2 months ago. Is the version built into SuiteCRM 7.0.2 the same version?

  3. I have tried to use the googlemap geocoding test in the admin page. The screen comes up and I input the standard address used in the documentation i.e. Orlando, FL 32810 USA the screen clears as it seems to be browsing to a googlemaps address but nothing ever happens. No errors nothing. It should come back with OK or INVALID_ADDRESS or something. I have checked the SuiteCRM server can get out to the Internet. Any ideas.

Hi Rowland,

1.) The modules are built into SuiteCRM therefore do not show in the module loader.
2.) Yes, Security Suite basic is the module used in SuiteCRM.
3.) I have tested entering the following address:

10 Downing Street, 10 Downing St, London SW1A 2AA

The geocoding test works correctly for me. Have you checked your error log/made sure you are entering a valid address?



Thanks for the answer Will, but where do I find the error log.

I got the address from the JJWDesign Googlemaps’ documentation. Try it yourself On Page 5 he gives the example of using “Orlando, FL 32810 USA” It should work and come back with

[Status] => OK


That’s where Jeff Walter’s office is so that’s why he choose that address to test with.

Hi Rowland,

I get an output of the geocode array details and a status = OK at the bottom of this.



So why is it not working on mine. I must have installed something wrong? Can you tell me where the error log is please?

Hi Rowland,

Your error log for SuiteCRM is in the main SuiteCRM directory and is called sugarcrm.log.



I have checked the log and it does not have any entries about geocoding. So i still cannot get JJWGooglemaps to work. could it be some permission or ownership issue on the folders?

Also can I ask another question. When I open chrome on my IPad and log into the SuiteCRM system everything looks OK until I go to Accounts and pick an Account. Then the menu seems to go to the HOME tab and the company details do not show. However if i go to the recent Accounts under accounts the details page opens fine. Why does Chrome on my PC work with SuiteCRM perfectly but Chrome on the IPad does not work with SuiteCRM correctly?

I believe i have found out why GoogleMaps did not work. I believe you have to load the CURL library for php. On the Ubuntu webserver install there was no mention that I needed CURL and it does not load as standard. It was only when the guys at QuickCRM pointed out this requirement that I loaded it.

perhaps this needs adding to a list of prerequisites in the SuiteCRM installation documentation.

During installation, it is mentioned that CURL should be installed as part of the installation.

Really. Where? I have just looked at the Installation instructiomns and did not see it.

When you are installing, it is noted(in bold red writing) if CURL/IMAP are not installed. This is the same in SugarCRM.

I did not notice it and it is not mentioned in the documentation. Other people must have missed this before surely. If it was listed as a prerequisite in the documentation at the begining of the installation instructions there would be far less chance of missing it.

The documentation will be amended accordingly.

Fantastic. Excellent response

Please see the ‘Recommended installation pre-requisites’ in the documentation.

Thanks Will,

You may also want to add PHP/JSON to the instructions. JSON appears to have been removed in the vanilla Ubuntu LAMP stack.

The reason for the removal is the funniest thing I’ve heard in forever. The JSON license has a term in the license that says “This software can be used only for Good, Not Evil”. That’s incompatible with the PHP license that says the software can be used for any purpose.

As a result, JSON is not part of the default install and must be installed manually.

For the bug description, check here:

JSON added as a pre-requisite. Updating of the documentation/wiki will be carried out in the coming weeks for SuiteCRM 7.1 changes.

So my maps do not appear to be working, either.

I created a map called “Houston Map”, and assigned it to an account with a working geolocation. I told it to display other accounts within a radius of 50 miles. I save, and when I click on “Map Account” I simply get a blank SuiteCRM page (with the header and footer. Just an empty page.)

Any idea what I can try? Here’s some relevant info:

  • No errors in SugarCRM.log
  • CURL/JSON/PHP is installed and working. I’m running an IIS web server with a MySQL database.
  • The embedded Google Map on the “Map Areas” page seems to work, though it doesn’t display accounts (I don’t think it’s supposed to.)
  • When I try to run “Geocode Addresses”, my browser times out after about 30 seconds. “Geocoded Counts” shows that all of my accounts are OK though.

I’ve attached an image of the blank page. Not much to see though.

Any help would be greatly appreciated! I want so much to be able to use SuiteCRM as our tool of choice.

Well I fixed the cron job issue by modifying this line in my PHP.ini.

max_execution_time = 120

Still didn’t fix maps though.

This bit of debug logging seems like it might be relevant:

05/01/14 01:10:26 [5956][5575ecc7-9b88-803d-0c3d-535dd8cf3c0c][INFO] Query Execution Time:0.00089502334594727
05/01/14 01:10:26 [5956][5575ecc7-9b88-803d-0c3d-535dd8cf3c0c][INFO] Query:SELECT id FROM outbound_email WHERE type = ‘system’
05/01/14 01:10:26 [5956][5575ecc7-9b88-803d-0c3d-535dd8cf3c0c][INFO] Query Execution Time:0.00040006637573242
05/01/14 01:10:26 [5956][5575ecc7-9b88-803d-0c3d-535dd8cf3c0c][INFO] Query:SELECT * FROM outbound_email WHERE id = ‘6af01820-5c0a-0ef5-82f4-535dd6068a56’
05/01/14 01:10:26 [5956][5575ecc7-9b88-803d-0c3d-535dd8cf3c0c][INFO] Query Execution Time:0.00036406517028809
05/01/14 01:10:26 [5956][5575ecc7-9b88-803d-0c3d-535dd8cf3c0c][WARN] Image CreateFP_Event_Locations.gif not found
05/01/14 01:10:26 [5956][5575ecc7-9b88-803d-0c3d-535dd8cf3c0c][WARN] Image FP_Event_Locations.gif not found
05/01/14 01:10:26 [5956][5575ecc7-9b88-803d-0c3d-535dd8cf3c0c][WARN] Image CreateAOR_Reports.gif not found
05/01/14 01:10:26 [5956][5575ecc7-9b88-803d-0c3d-535dd8cf3c0c][WARN] Image AOR_Reports.gif not found
05/01/14 01:10:26 [5956][5575ecc7-9b88-803d-0c3d-535dd8cf3c0c][DEBUG] Hook called: jjwg_Maps::after_ui_frame
05/01/14 01:10:26 [5956][5575ecc7-9b88-803d-0c3d-535dd8cf3c0c][DEBUG] Creating new instance of hook class hooks without parameters
05/01/14 01:10:26 [5956][5575ecc7-9b88-803d-0c3d-535dd8cf3c0c][DEBUG] Creating new instance of hook class AssignGroups without parameters
05/01/14 01:10:26 [5956][5575ecc7-9b88-803d-0c3d-535dd8cf3c0c][DEBUG] Creating new instance of hook class VersionCheck without parameters
05/01/14 01:10:26 [5956][5575ecc7-9b88-803d-0c3d-535dd8cf3c0c][DEBUG] Hook called: ::after_ui_footer
05/01/14 01:10:26 [5956][5575ecc7-9b88-803d-0c3d-535dd8cf3c0c][DEBUG] Creating new instance of hook class AssignGroups without parameters
05/01/14 01:10:26 [5956][5575ecc7-9b88-803d-0c3d-535dd8cf3c0c][DEBUG] Hook called: ::server_round_trip
05/01/14 01:10:26 [5956][5575ecc7-9b88-803d-0c3d-535dd8cf3c0c][DEBUG] Calling MySQLi::disconnect()

That’s what it does just after I try to refresh the page my map should be on.