Turn off LDAP stops users logging in

I need to turn off LDAP

I tried turning off LDAP Authentication in password management then none of my users could login

As admin I went into user management to try and reset their passwords but that option had disapeered

I then tried to turn LDAP back on and they still couldn’t login !!!

Eventually I restored from backup

How do I turn it off ?

What version is this?

Do you use SuitePImproved theme, or any other add-on touching the login screen?

Do you see any clues in php_errors.log or suitecrm.log?

Version 7.7.8
SuiteR Theme
If I create a new user the reset password button is there - Just not for existing users
Nothing in error logs

I don’t know what to tell you, sorry.

Maybe start by having a look at the LDAP issues that were already fixed in GitHub, but possibly after your version 7.7.8:


Hopefully one of those fixes helps in your case.