Turn Multi Select Boxes into Checkboxes

First, I am sorry if this has been answered elsewhere, I searched first with no luck, but is anyone aware of a way to turn the multi-select boxes into multi select check boxes?

It looks like there is a paid module for this here:

Also, something on GitHub, which I cannot seem to figure out here:

The main reason for this, the first link nails is:
-Users seems to have two left hands and can’t remember the Ctrl+click or Shift+Click tips
-Your multi-select list is now so long that it is hard to locate the option you want to select
-You just wanted to add one new option but your forgot to press Ctrl so you lose the 49 other options already selected

Hi cmacdonald,
I have the same problems/needs. Have you been able to figure this out?

Was a solution ever found to this?

Hi audioillity,

Not to my knowledge.


I actually managed to get it working, seems the file transfer client was hiding some file permissions from me … I’m still playing with it at the moment to see if it fully works.

@audioillity, did you get this to work? We need this also. Using CTRL to multi-select is a pita.

@audioillity. We gave up on this ages ago. I spent waaaay too much time trying to figure it out. If you have anything like step-by-step I would greatly appreciate it.

I’ll try bickart’s Github hack on our test environment and report back with results.


Hi guys

Did anyone manage to make this work ?


You need to contact SuiteCRM developers(https://www.techesperto.com/suitecrm-development/), most probably they can do

Hi Multi,

I haven’t tried the ‘bickart’ hack yet. I’ll report here if and when.

I quickly tried to adapt Jeff Bickart’s Sugar 6 hack for Suite 7.11 and failed miserably. Apologies to all.

There’s a good chance my adaptation of Jeff’s code was incorrectly executed. When I get a spare few hours, I will try again.

I think it’s a classic example of very clever Devs not really understanding UX. Given the choice, multi select checkboxes should be the default, not dropdowns. Ordinary uses don’t relate to CTRL + [any key].

Just my $0.02


I tried Bickart’s SugarCRM 6 hack on SuiteCRM 7.11. It displays MultiSelect dropdown as checkboxes after rebuilding Extensions. But it caused the “Save” button not to respond. Does anyone have the same issue?

Has anyone figured out a solution of turning MultiSelect dropdown into checkboxes on SuiteCRM 7.11? Thanks!

Got the same requirement, multiple checkbox in one field, not 1 field for a checkbox.

If I find a solution, I’ll post it here !

Just to reply here for anyone wanting this, this work 100% :

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